The IberCup USA is a stay to play tournament and all non-local teams needing hotel accommodation are required to stay at the approved tournament hotel.

Hotels available for teams and families are 3-star “chain” hotels in Farmers Branch, TX not far from the playing fields (5-15 minutes by car/van/bus). Rooms available are rooms with 1-2 beds that can accommodate 1-4 people per room and rooms include private bathroom, phone, TV and air-conditioning. Amenities usually include lobby, restaurant, bar/lounge area, free Wi-Fi access, on-site parking, outdoor pool at some hotels and a free airport shuttle with some hotels. Room rates are USD 109.00 plus taxes for a King room (1-2 people) and USD 124.00 plus taxes for a Double room (2 Double beds for 2-4 people). Breakfast is included at the hotels and there are packages available for international teams which include dinner as well.

U.S. and Canadian teams that need hotel accommodation need to e-mail with your rooming request for the team and families and for rates/prices and more information about the hotel.

International teams (except Canada - see above) that need hotel accommodation need to e-mail with your rooming request for the team and families and for rates/prices and more information about the hotel, including prices for packages that include hotel accommodation, meals and transportation.



Please contact IberCup for prices. There are different options in this accommodation category, but all of them suitable to the team needs and budget. Includes the basic package of participation.

Homestay Accommodation (for international teams only)

International teams (except Canada) are eligible to participate in the Homestay Program with families from local Dallas teams who are also competing in the tournament. The Homestay Program covers a maximum of 18 players (additional players subject to availability) for a maximum stay of 8 nights. International teams that are approved for the Home Stay program are required to arrive in Dallas on Sunday, March 28th, before the tournament begins and depart from Dallas on Sunday, April 4th.

The Homestay Program, at no cost to the international teams, includes sleeping arrangements (2-3 players per home), two (2) meals per day and transportation to/from the airport and tournament fields for the players. In some cases the local Dallas families may drop the players off at the tournament headquarter hotel where a tournament shuttle is provided to/from the fields. The international team is responsible for the cost of the meals, transportation, and hotel rooms for all adults, supporters, etc. (this is a stay to play tournament so they will be required to stay at one of the Dallas International Girls Cup designated hotels). The international team is also responsible for any additional meals for the players and all entertainment costs for the entire delegation.

 The Homestay Program will not exceed 8 nights. If travel plans call for arrival or departure dates other than those mentioned, the international team is responsible for all additional expenses related to the players sleeping arrangements and meals prior to the Homestay Program beginning or after the date of conclusion of the program. International teams requesting the Homestay Program must indicate this request on their application form in the “Additional Comments” section of the application.  International teams must also indicate if they will still participate if the Homestay Program is not available.

If your team would like to request homestay accommodation, e-mail with your request and include number of players that would like the homestay accommodation. Homestay acoommodation is subject to availability.