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IberCup is one of the largest and most International Youth Football Tournaments / Soccer Tournaments around the World. Play against the best Football Academy Clubs / Soccer Academy Clubs in different locations (Europe, Asia and USA).

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For five days, some of the best academies in the world were fighting for the IberCup trophy.

These are the champions of IberCup 2018

Cat A - São Paulo Texas FC
Cat B - Manchester City FC
Cat C - Dallas Texans Stavrou
Cat D - Arsenal FC
Cat E - Intercups
Cat G - SL Benfica

An unforgettable tournament with more than 3000 players from 20 different countries.

We would like to thank all participants that made this tournament a unique experience.

See you in 2019!

The best teams in each category face each other to win the title!

Press the new to see all the finalists.



A wonderful multicultural moment of IberCup USA.Teams from around the world gathered for a fun moment!

Remember this ceremony, the photos are already on our website.




First arrivals to IberCup USA!

We already are receiving our participants. At 28th March will start the group stage and everyone is excited to start! Check the program and stay tuned for the opening ceremony on our Facebook page and all the matches of the group stage.